Try the fun applets below. This applet allows you to change colors on the walls and the floor. Select the image from thumbnails, select the colors, brightness and contrast. Just click the mouse in the image to change colors. If you see cursor with color dot, that means it's color can be changed. You can try different color schemes, as well as play with contrast, brightness to  see different effects. See the examples section as well. These applets work well with Java 1.6 or higher. http://www.java.com/en/download/

This applet creates fun sliding puzzles from a photo.  Create the puzzle by selecting rows, columns and shuffle the image. To play, click the mouse on image pieces to move the pieces around the empty slot. If you see green boundary, then you can swap the piece with blank space. If you see red boundary, then the piece cannot be moved. If you are using your own image, please make sure it is small enough for the browser cache. You can either select image from thumbnails or load your own photo.

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Some examples of the applet:

house_ext    house_21_int    house_6_int    house_7_int

You need a Java enabled browser to use this website. Alternately you can install Java (it's free) from Sun Website at http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp. Some of the JWS applications needs minimum 512MB of physical memory to handle image sizes up to 5MB. These applets are provided completely free of charge for general use without any guarantees. You can use them for creating, modifying images or bundling the JARs with your software.